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Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships!

Make School absolutely accepts Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships from private organizations, schools, and entities. Not only do we accept scholarships, grants, and fellowships, we actively encourage all of our applicants and current students to apply for financial aid that can reduce any gap in tuition and living costs that out of pocket spending, loans, or ISAs may have to cover.

As an institution dedicated to helping uplift students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, we understand that scholarships, grants, and fellowships can drastically reduce your stress surrounding student debt and be a crucial part of your decision making process for college.

Below we have listed common places to find financial assistance:

And many, many, many more! We plan to update this list as frequently as we can, however, we encourage all students to actively search for scholarships, grants, and fellowships on their own time. Please be sure to speak to your guidance counselors, career counselors, teachers, and parents/guardians regarding financial aid.

Learn more by contacting financial aid at

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